Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sweet Frosting and Cake Crumbs

Time for a cake post.

Every weekend since we came back from the UK, has been filled with cake orders. Finally have a lull this weekend and instead will be attending the HKMC Autumn retreat!! Yes! More on that on the next post.

Here are a few of the cakes from September.

My Little Pony Cake
This was for Angela Collingwood's youngest. Fun to make and they loved it.

Monsters High Cake
I love the bright colours of this cake. The strips were really difficult to align and I do wish I had made them straighter.

Superman/Spiderman Cake
This is where the eClips turns to cake making. I found the logos online and had them cut out on transparencies so I could use them as a template on my gumpaste. My spiderman looks like he's surfing more than climbing though.

Ape and Banana Baby Cake
This was for a post baby shower. Modeled after a photo the client showed me.

Next post, the retreat!!

Thanks for looking,

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