Sunday, 6 October 2013

HKMC Retreat Reveals - Luminarte Silks Tags

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What a great time we had at the retreat this week. Twenty hours of hardcore scrapbooking and learning techniques and testing out new products. As I posted previously, we had fun using the Luminarte Silks Acrylic Glazes to create some wonderful tags, which could then be used on layouts.

There were several new faces as well as old, and it was wonderful to see all the layouts that were created. I think the downside (not really), is the amount of yummy and irresistible home baked goodies and snacks that were brought in. Completely ruined my diet!!

Now, to reveal those layouts and tags I gave you a sneak peek of previously.

Luminarte Silks Tags
The team made tags to showcase the different properties and uses of the Silks glazes. I made five (including the middle one, where I used the same techniques as this project, so I won't put that down here again).
I brushed Sunburst over the whole tag and let it dry. I then dabbed gel medium over a flower stencil on areas I wanted to keep yellow. After letting the medium dry, I brushed Pink Azalea over the whole tag, using a kitchen towel to rub excess glaze off the parts I covered in medium. This will reveal the yellow. I then repeated the procedure with the gel medium over stencil in empty areas and let that dry. This time, I brushed the whole tag with Boysenberry Silks before wiping off the excess yet again. I then edged the tag in Sapphire On Ice. The fan was done with Ginger Peach and Carmen. The bird in Boysenberry and Sky Blue. The leaves in Teal Zircon.
I used Ice Silks to stencil on the clouds. I then watered down Pink Azalea, Ginger Peach and Sunburst before brushing it across the tag ombre style. I then used Carmen Silks with an arrow stencil. The butterflies were done with Teal Zircon and Sky Blue.
With this one, I brushed Boysenberry, Sky Blue and Key Lime Silks over four quadrants of the tag. I then added the chevron with Nutmeg Silks before stamping on the circles. The stars were coloured with Sunburst Silks. For the quote tag, I inked up a stamp with white acrylic paint and stamped on chalkboard paper.
For this tag, I used Pink Azalea Silks over a chevron stencil on a white tag. I then dripped Key Lime over it and let it dry. I then blended in Tumbled  Glass distress ink over the whole tag. The Silks act like a resist, so the blue will not alter the pink too much. After adding the text stencil and alphabet stamp, I layered on the film reel, butterfly and title tag - all coloured with Silks (Ginger Peach, Sapphire On Ice/Pink Azalea and Key Lime respectively).

You can see how vibrant the colours turn out and the viscous texture brushes on so smoothly, you won't see brushstrokes. I love how you can layer on colours without adulterating the colour underneath (when dry) and how you can mix and blend colours (when wet). Have a look at this blog for more Silks projects and tutorials.

On to paper collections and sample layouts next.

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