Saturday 8 June 2013

One's Trash, Is Another One's Art

Hi there,

A few weeks ago, we were given a piece or two of old wood planks by Belly of HKMC and told to do whatever we wanted with it. What an out-of-the-box, but interesting thing to do. After I finished scratching my head on what she meant, I started to think. It's supposed to be an upcycle project of some sort, so why not put a lot of old stash items that haven't seen daylight for a long, long time? Make it look really old and weather worn. This project is also inspired by the talented Anna Dabrowska aka Finnabair, who does the most amazing art pieces.

'Art Trash' Mixed Media Upcycle Project
We were given a blank wooden plank like the one behind my project. The one I used measures 28cm x 10cm (11" x 4")
 Here's the back of the board, which I distressed with lots of crackle medium, inks and paints
 I really like the different fonts and textures of the title.
Can you spot the owl? The zip was from one of Miss C's hoodies which broke, so I had that in my stash.
Lots of flowers I don't use and buttons that have been gathering dust were all thrown in.
Can you spot an ink nib?

In the end, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. There were a few instances where I wasn't quite sure how it would look, but I really love it the more I look at it. I still need to add some hooks and chain to turn it into a hanging plaque, and that, unfortunately, is not in my stash, so I'll have to go find that on Monday.

My next post, I'll be posting a tutorial on how I did this. I did miss out on photographing a few stages, but hopefully, I'll be able to explain the techniques I used.

Thanks for looking,


  1. Grace, what a beautiful piece of art! Did u use modge podge to glue the pieces on???
    I am following you on Pinterest!

    1. Hi Rosa, Hope you're well. Thanks for the comments. I used fabri-tac to stick everything down. I don't think modpodge would be strong enough. The other alternative is gel medium - that's a good glue as well, but you'll time to let it dry.


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