Sunday, 30 June 2013

Baking and Caking

Hi all,

The last two weeks have been filled with cake making, yet again. Not much crafting done, unfortunately. I did have fun with the caking, though, I got to make a tardis and my other fantasy cake - a merry-go-round.  I think they both turned out ok, although the tardis is a little tilted.

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to go for a full day decorating course with Kelvin Chua of Vinism Sugarart. Wow, talk about intensive. Nine hours of hand-breaking piping. Definitely worth it in the end though. What a great experience.

This week, it's about cupcakes. Pull-away cupcakes, that is. I've only made them once before, but I've since decided I love making them.

Merry-Go-Round Cake
 The bottom part is cake. The middle and top part are fondant covered styrofoam cores. Since the cake was only for 12 people, I decided not to do the whole cake in, well... cake. The horses turned out so cute and I love the rainbow colours, which the client had specified.

Tardis Cake
As a child, I used to be a big Dr Who fan and remember Tom Baker with his mile long scarf (this probably tells you how old I am). I haven't had a chance to see the 21st century versions. Maybe I should have a look some time.

Shanghai Splendour
 This is the cake (or rather cake dummy - the inside is styrofoam) that I went to class for. The minute I saw this cake course, I knew I had to sign up. I don't get to do a lot of piping and am so out of practice, and this cake design is just so stunning. Thank you to Kelvin Chua of Vinism Sugar Art.

AFL Pull-away Cupcakes Cake
My second pull-away cupcake cake. I'm pleased with how my logo transfer turned out.

I have one more cupcake cake to do for Monday, and then it's caking hiatus until September. Miss C just finished school and we'll be off to the UK from mid July for a month. The rest of the time here will be filled with keeping Miss C occupied and to get ready for the trip - lots to buy for family and friends.

If this piques your interest, have a look here for my other cakes.

Thanks for looking,

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