Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Canvas Mixed Media Class II

Hi all, it's been a lazy week for my scrapbooking. I think I'm in holiday mood already. We'll be going to Bali and Singapore for ten days starting on Friday. Sun (not that we don't enough of it here as it is), beach, pool, coconuts... Oh, and in Singapore - I cannot go through Singapore without having my favourite chicken rice.  The holiday was booked more than a year ago and Miss C is so excited, she's already packed her baby pillow. That was funny, as she forgot and was looking for it last night before bed.

Anyway, I have half a layout sitting on my dining room table (which the cat has decided is its new sleeping spot) and I'm trying to get my behind back on that chair to finish it. Yes, I can.

In the meantime, I did my canvas mixed media class last night. What fun. I gave them a free for all - do whatever design you like. I wanted them to explore their creative side and not just copy what I had done. We got some pretty cool canvases. Each of them were unique and individual. The core lesson was the same though, teaching them to layer paper, using stencils, molding paste, stamping, rub-ons, markers and lots of paint. I think they were all quite pleased (and surprised) that they did have an artistic side to themselves and hopefully, that will give them the confidence to do work outside the box.

Here's my original canvas.

Putting down the base layer.
Lovely layers.
Adding their own designs.
Six completed canvases. Aren't they great?

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