Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Hi all,

I've read hundreds of blogs and have always wondered how bloggers have such dedication in updating frequently; finding the words to write as well as taking and posting some amazing pictures. I've tried numerous times to start one but can never seem to get going.

I was encouraged by a friend to put my thoughts and crafts online. Now, I do this on a regular basis on my facebook page but I've never sat down to write whole paragraphs to go with it, but here goes. I hope I don't bore anyone too much and maybe I can impart some of my passion for scrapbooking to anyone who reads my ramblings.

I've been a scrapper for five years now. As the case with many scrapbookers, I started when I had my daughter and wanted to document her life and what she meant to me. At the time, I had heard of "scrapbooking" but it was only after a search on the internet, did it really open my eyes to what this word meant as a craft. I fell in love. How could I not? It meant being able to work with beautiful papers and embellishments like you have never seen before. There were buttons, ribbons, brads, jewels, stickers, chipboard, inks, paints, stamps... oh, how I drooled over them all.

Five years on and I have five albums full of layouts showing a beautiful little girl as she grows from babyhood, toddlerhood and into the little madam that she is today. As I continue to record her growth in pictures (as well as other layouts), I have learnt so much about new techniques, trends and design which I try to incorporate into my work.

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