Sunday, 10 June 2012

12 Tags of 2012 - June

Quick posting before bed time. I'm off to NYC tomorrow. YAY!! Not looking forward to the 17 hour flight though and hope I can sleep through it.  Hubby has to go there for business and I had the opportunity to join him, so of course I jumped at it.  This also means that I won't be able to do any work or blog for the next week. I'll be back the week after, so I hope I have lots of photos to share then.

Anyway, back to this tag. This is based off of Tim Holtz's June tag. The photo? That's me at around 18 months. When I look at this picture, I'm always taken back by how much Miss C looks like me at that age. I'll have to post a comparison when I get back.

For my tag, I've used most of the same techniques that Tim has, although my embellishments are different. I don't have half the stuff he has and like anyone else, I simply improvise. I'm not going to list out the products I used as most of it was sourced locally and has been in my stash for a while. I do like how this has turned out.


  1. Such a great tag. Such a cute picture of you when you were a baby. Love how you tinted it...Great elements you added (pretty flower@@

  2. I love your tag Grace - what a cute photo! Have fun on your trip.


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