Thursday, 15 March 2012

Double Arches vs Teacups and Pearls

Wow! It has been quite the week here. I haven't been able to do any scrapbooking for the last two weeks as this had to put aside for "Mad March", as I like to call it. Although this post isn't about scrapbooking, I thought I'd post this so you could see what I was up to the last few days.

First off was hubby's birthday on the 10th. He insisted on going to the double yellow arches to celebrate. Yes, we are talking about a 41 year old's birthday party at McD's. There is an explanation of sorts behind this decision though. Hubby is a diabetic and therefore has to follow a stricter diet (one which falls to the wayside a lot, but I didn't say that, OK)? So, he decided that he could be bad on his special day and indulge in a bit of junk food. After two large burgers, fries, onion rings (yes, they do them here), chili wings, a box of nuggets and a large diet cola (this is what he ate, not me), he exclaimed that maybe this was not such a great idea. Really? Well too bad, here's another burger for you. This time, it wasn't made of ground up beef carcasses but of sugar and chocolate.  So, there we were, surreptitiously singing happy birthday and cutting a burger cake in the middle of McD's, hoping the staff would turn a blind eye to the whole shenanigans (which they did).

This burger went down a lot better, even if it was loaded with sugar and no spice and everything nice.
Happy birthday to my dear DH.

The next birthday belonged to our daughter, little Miss C, which I decided would be nice to have the day after DH's as her actual birthday falls on a hump day. This one took up all my event planning skills (of which I have none). She wanted a tea party, so I spent the whole week prior cutting, printing, pasting invitations, banners and labels while scouring the whole of Sham Shui Po for goody bag items and game prizes. There was also the cake to be made, food to plan and manic weather watching.

Invitation cards. I traced around a chipboard book teacup by Studio18, cut them out, added different patterned papers to define the saucer and lip of the cup, added a some flowers and a felt cupcake to finish it off.
I had very much wanted to hold the party outdoors at the park opposite our abode, where I had all sorts of fun games planned, like sack races and croquet, however, the weather never let up. Good thing we stayed inside as the rain unleashed its fury halfway through the proceedings.

Miss C insisted on a girl's only party, "No boys allowed", so I do apologize to friends with boys who were not invited to the festivities. Being a tea party, I think boys would have thumbed their noses at all the pink and yellow anyway.

For the food, I stuck to a high tea menu of scones, mini cucumber sandwiches, little puff pastries, macarons and other bite size treats. Fresh lemonade and hot chocolate with marshmallows were the drinks of choice.

The tea party table, themed in pinks and yellows, with the large teapot cake as the centrepiece.
The banner on the wall was made with the Sizzix #8 tag die and EK Success butterfly punch, while the letters were cut out with my Cricut Doodletype cartridge.
I designed and printed some tags to wrap around toothpicks and stuck them in the food.
I arranged a few games, croquet (on the rug), hit the queen of hearts, a stacked teacup race, and the most popular one, a treasure/scavenger hunt. For this one, I had arranged to hide the goody bag items in and around the estate where we live and the girls had to find them following my guide map. I think this went down well and they all loved the items they found.

Miss C doing the teacup race.
A little badge label for the goody bags.
We ended the party with a round of birthday cheers and a slice (or two) of the teapot cake. We didn't really celebrate on her actual day (yesterday) but I have booked a Little Princess make-over and dim sum lunch at the Disneyland Hotel this coming Sunday, which she can enjoy with her grandparents, who flew out especially for her birthday.  Happy Birthday, my little darling girl.

Whew! That's another party over with. We might be giving the Easter one a miss as we are going away but Halloween is on!

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