Wednesday, 10 May 2017

It's All About Family

Hey there. It has been absolutely ages. Last post was in October last year. Wow. It seems like a long time, and yet, not that long. Time passes that quickly.

I have been scrapbooking, not as much as usual, but still have a few to show you. I finally got round to taking photos of my layouts yesterday (they were piling up and needed to be filed). I'll split them into several posts and try to place as much products details as I can, but some of the layouts were made month's ago and so I will have to dig around for the products I used.

Here's the first few:

This layout is especially dear to me as it's the last photo of my dad with my mum's side of the family here in Hong Kong. It was taken early 2016. After that, his health started to deteriorate. I created this layout before he passed but it's taken me this long to publish it.
 I love the soft pastels of the colours and the gorgeous flowers. Absolutely love the letter pendant tucked behind the flowers.
 I painted the wooden swirl in blue to lend a bit more focus for the photo.
 I've seen people use dry wall tape as an accent and found some in my local hardware store, so decided to use some on this layout. I really like it as an additional texture.

Family Cherish and Love
In contrast to the first layout, this one is more positive, with Miss C and her two cousins meeting up during Easter break, all the way in Las Vegas. Hubby attends a convention in Vegas every year, so we thought we would tag our holiday onto it. We were joined by my sister in-law, nephew and niece, who flew in from the UK. It was a lot of fun and this was taken in a stretch limo on the way to a shopping outlet. And boy, did we shop.  The papers are very bright, so decided to turn the photos to black and white.
 I gessoed, then painted the wooden 'family' blue to match the blue polka dot strip above it.
I love all the hearts in this layout, from the background to the clothes line banners and the ones on the cameras to the big together heart on this picture. So cute.

Halloween Boo Wicked
A testament of how long it's taken to post my layouts, this one was done not long after Halloween last year and has been sitting in the pile waiting for me post. Last year, Miss C wanted to look scary, so we did the bloody make up. We also made hot glue "sliced neck" necklaces which we dabbed with red alcohol ink to wear around our necks.
 Love the ghoulish coffins and skulls.
I used a Tim Holtz die to cut out the diamond shaps and added black soot distress embossing powder to give it texture.
 I also stenciled some Halloween words with molding paste mixed with some black soot ink.

Hope you enjoyed these layouts. 

See you on the next post,

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