Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year Everyone

Hello All,

How was your Christmas? Is everyone stomachs groaning in protest over the massive amounts of food consumed in the last few days? I know I am and we still have a few more big meals to get through before going home on the 3rd. I swear, once we get back home, I am putting hubby and I on the strictest diet.

 Miss C on the way to Santa's Grotto on Christmas Eve morning.
 Huge swan at Painshill Park.

We had a wonderful Christmas day; seventeen of us crammed in the dining room, which was beautifully laid out by my father in-law. There was the ubiquitous crackers, turkey and stuffing and to end it all, an over-doused Christmas pudding which wouldn't go out for ages. We were actually afraid the plate would crack from flaming so long.

  Reading a letter from Santa.

The evening saw us all sitting in the front room opening our presents. Whenever we spend Christmas in the UK, rather than buying for everyone, we do a family secret Santa for those who want to join in. Kids were exempt of course, and they had the most fun tearing open the wrapping. Poor things; we made them wait the whole day. The only thing they could open in the morning was "Santa's" present. Miss C asked for a specific princess dress but she got a different one - not too pleased about that but she soon came round and now wants to wear it all day, every day.

 Opening presents after lunch. There's the princess dress.

The next day was spent recuperating from our food comas before the boxing day feed at my sister in-law's. I contributed with the largest Eton Mess trifle ever - so good! 

Every time we come back, I request three things: a British Chinese take-away (have to really - it's just so different from what I get back home), an Indian curry (they do make the best here) and a proper pub lunch. We did the first on the second night here, the curry on the twenty-seventh and the pub lunch (roast pork with apple sauce and a huge yorkie) yesterday. I'm happy.

On the twenty-eighth, hubby and I got a real treat - we had to go for a business lunch meeting in London and we ate at the Savoy Grill (a Ramsay restaurant). Very nice indeed. The menu was simple but everything was so well done and the service impeccable. I didn't dare whip out the phone to take pictures though - didn't seem like the sort of place to do that, you know?

Yesterday, a bunch of us drove all the way down to West Wittering beach in West Sussex. We all thought it would be a good idea to go for a leisurely walk by the sea, in the middle of winter. Yes. Well, let's just say, we were all frozen by the end of the walk and had sand in every crevice unmentionable, but at least the rain held off and we even got a decent amount of blue sky. This was followed by the lovely pub lunch I mentioned earlier.

 Down at the beach in West Wittering. Freezing cold.

Today, I'm staying in most of the day. We'll be ringing in the new year at a friend's house (bless them for offering up their place to thirty of us). We're having an hors d'oeuvres competition (can't remember who suggested this), so I plan to do a corn fritter topped with prawn, with tomato relish.

It's been a great trip so far - it's so good to be able to spend time with family and friends. I know hubby really misses this side of the UK and Christmas, especially, is very important to him. Just a few more days before we go home. Four days there, and I'm back on a plane to LA for the winter CHA! YAY!!

Miss C and I both miss home and Jake cat and of course, just being back in our own space.  To think - I'm planning on coming over for the whole six weeks of the summer holidays next year. We'll be outstaying our welcome at the parent in-laws then.

To round up my post, I wish everyone a prosperous and happy new year and all the very best for 2013.

Happy New Year everyone,

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